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Swedish Relaxation Massage

In our busy everyday life STRESS seems to be the major factor to cause us mental and physical pain. Massage is one of the best antidote for stress and for aching muscles/joints.

Reducing stress gives you a peace of mind, improves your outlook on life and with “Mind over matter” helps you to cope with your stress causing problems.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage will also improve blood circulation, which will give your system an enhanced oxygen supply, therefore improving the works of all the other circulatory system also. Swedish/Relaxation Massage can also relieve symptoms of conditions that are aggravated by anxiety, such as asthma or insomnia

Swedish/Relaxation Massage is an excellent support therapy for people in psychological counseling, or in treatment, for addiction Swedish/Relaxation Massage relieves pain from aching muscles, stimulates the nervous system and helps to release toxic waste from the body.

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